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APLUS HOUSE develops promotions, projects and constructions with sustainability criteria, low power consumption, and almost zero energy consumption or Passivhaus since the beginning of the idea or initial conceptualisation, until the development, promotion, management, marketing, consultancy or project phases and execution, or construction in mission complete or partial.


APLUS HOUSE Comprehensive Intervention Service or full mission, developing each and every one of the stages or phases of the intervention of Promotion, Projects, Construction and Sustainable Certification:

  • Análisis de la fase inicial o parcial
  • Analysis of the initial phase or partial
  • Determination of gaps and requirements. Energy Study - amortization
  • Constitution of team and services: insurance, financing, property developers, designers, Project Management, builders,…
  • Development of advocacy, funding, balance sheets, marketing campaign development and marketing
  • Consulting projects or comprehensive
  • Pre-audit implementation
  • Project Management vs. implementation of intervention
  • Implementation or construction of the works
  • Consulting for the certification according to international standards or certification APLUS HOUSE
  • Order of works, obtaining certification and promotion in the media


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