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APLUS HOUSE ® Customers


In APLUS HOUSE we are convinced that is essential to know in depth what our clients require to learn how to serve the end user. This allows us to better define objectives, provide better solution and promote better integration between the various actors involved in the building process, so as to perform more and better application of sustainable criteria chosen on the architectural solution and construction most suitable.


The main clients of APLUS HOUSE, sustainable projects platform include:

  • developers
  • estate agents
  • administrative agencies
  • insurers
  • government
  • neighboring communities
  • engineering and architectural studies
  • engineering firms
  • consultancies
  • construction
  • associations
  • ONGs
  • public and private institutions
  • holding companies
  • retail
  • companies from various sectors involved in sustainability and energy efficiency

APLUS HOUSE performs its work independently, as it does not belong and is not conform or owned by any distributor, manufacturer, installer or energy service sector.


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APLUS HOUSE sustainable projects platform