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Intervention Stages APLUS HOUSE ®


ANALYSIS PHASE. Analysis of the initial phase or partial

Analyzes the state of the project in the area of sustainability and energy efficiency.

DEPLOYMENT PHASE. Determination of requirements and shortcomings. Energy Study - amortization

Establishes lines of activity in the area of sustainability and/or low energy consumption depending on the costs and the depreciation of the same.

PHASE COMPOSITION OF TEAMS. Constitution of teams and external services

Establishes the required equipment depending on the needs of the project: insurance, financing, property developers, designers, Project Management, builders,…

STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT OF PROMO. Development of advocacy, funding, balance sheets, sales and marketingcampaign

Develops the promotion: financing, balances, and marketing.

PHASE OF PROJECT DEVELOPMENT. Development of projects

Carried out the project consultancy in all phases of the intervention.

AUDIT PHASE OF PROJECTS. Pre-audit implementation

Audits projects by providing criteria of sustainability, energy savings and efficiency.

PHASE CONTROL. Project Management vs. implementation of the intervention

Controlled interventions with criteria of sustainability, energy saving and efficiency

STAGE OF CONSTRUCTION. Execution of the works

Projects built with sustainability criteria, energy saving and efficiency

CERTIFICATION PHASE. Consultancy for the certification according to criteria of sustainability and energy efficiency

Performs consulting for the international certifications in the field of sustainability LEED, BREEAM, …or material of energy consumption almost null PASSIVHAUS or  APLUS HOUSE certification.

PHASE OF DISCLOSURE. Order of works, obtaining certification and promotion in the media

Assists the order of the works by providing the required documentation according to the needs of the project and the certification, and promotes the intervention in the media.



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