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A+ HOUSE ® Mission


A+ HOUSE revolutionizes the real estate market by establishing clear lines of action in order to develop sustainable buildings with maximum energy savings.


The success of A+ HOUSE services are both "Comprehensive Intervention A+ HOUSE" and unique develop to each phase of the project, according to customer requirements.

A+ HOUSE promote integrating investment in research, development and innovation studies that facilitate the development of the building, urban planning, industry and services to the respect and protection of human health and the environment.

AP+ HOUSE is a team involved in the mission, spreading the basic principles of energy saving and efficiency through promotions, projects and development of sustainable, bioclimatic and energy efficiency in all phases of project interventions, from planning and design phase of the project to implementation and choice of systems and appliances.

These principles of sustainable A+ HOUSE not necessarily entail an increase in the cost of intervention, but involve a rapid return on sustainability measures, energy saving and efficiency.




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