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APLUS HOUSE provides a framework for professionals, technicians and promoters involved in sustainable Structural and Urban development in order to set up a platform to support any sustainable development.



Do you have an ongoing project and requires funding to develop it?

APLUS HOUSE manages and provides various financing options as best fits your needs. APLUS HOUSE is dedicated to actively seek bank financing and subsidies or grants for our customers.


Developing a project and requires an investment partner?

APLUS HOUSE helps you locate the agent who will invest in their project and building construction. Also, APLUS HOUSE promotes, designs and builds its own i


Do you have planned an intervention and need to develop sustainable criteria ?

APLUS HOUSE develops projects in order to achieve sustainable criteria and standards with low energy consumption.


Do you have a project and do you want to modify and build with sustainable basis?

APLUS HOUSE involves in projects, both as a developer, consultant and constructor in order to develop criteria for sustainable standards.


What technical criteria does A+ HOUSE implement ?

APLUS HOUSE develops its buildings under international standards with sustainable objectives LEED, BREEAM,...criteria or almost zero energy consumption
PASSIVHAUS, either by themselves APLUS HOUSE certification criteria depending on the needs of our client.


Can we give answers with Comprehensive Intervention: Develop, Projects and Construction?

APLUS HOUSE develops projects from an initial level after conceptualization to final execution in order to provide a comprehensive response to any sustainable project savings and energy efficiency.


CONTACT WITH APLUS HOUSE TEAM, we specialize in Develop, Projects and Construction, with sustainable, energy efficient and near-zero energy consumption criteria.


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